If you currently own or intend to purchase residential property for rental, you should consider engaging our Property Management Service. You will find it both professional and cost-effective. As we are specialists, we know how to manage property for optimum performance, whilst ensuring smooth running tenancies, and compliance with the various landlord / tenant laws.

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Considering Letting a Property?

This information will be of assistance to you prior to placing your property on the market for letting. It covers most of the questions "would-be" Landlords need to ask when letting a property. However, please do not hesitate to contact us if there are any other questions you wish to ask. We shall be pleased to discuss in detail your personal requirements, and provide you with any advice you may need. This part of our service is free and without obligation. We strive to offer the most personal and efficient service possible, and interviews and queries can either take place over the telephone or by a visit to our offices during normal business hours.

Tenancy Agreement:

The majority of residential properties are now let under an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement, for a fixed term of 6 months to 3 years. After this period, if the Landlord and Tenants wish for the tenancy not to continue, the Landlord would be able to regain possession by giving 2 months notice to the tenants, and one month's notice would be required from the tenants.

We normally prepare the Assured Shorthold Tenancy at our offices. However, Landlords do not have to use our Agreement Preparation Service, and may wish to have their own Solicitor draw up the legal documentation if they so wish.

Fees & Services:

Our full services and fees are confirmed at the time of our instruction. Fees become payable after we have provided our Letting Services - i.e. after we have introduced tenants, who have been accepted by you.

Tenant Selection:

All prospective Tenants are vetted by us on application for renting a property. Prospective Tenants view vacant properties accompanied by a member of staff.

Financial references (Bank or Credit Search), plus references from employers and (where applicable) previous Landlord, Accountant or responsible person are obtained in respect of each prospective tenant. In the event that a prospective tenant is to claim Housing Benefit and unable to provide such references, a Guarantor may be appointed with the Landlords request, who will act as surety for the rent and who will undertake to accept responsibility for all the terms of the tenancy as contained in the Tenancy Agreement.

The Fire & Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) (Amendment) Regulations 1993:

These regulations came into force on 1st March 1993 for all property coming onto the rental market. The regulations are in respect of furnishings and the penalties for non-compliance can be severe. (A substantial fine and/or a term of imprisonment) It is therefore in your own interests to ensure that all furnishings comply with current safety regulations, and this should be considered when furnishing a property. We would suggest that any furnishings which do not comply with the regulations either be removed or replaced prior to offering the property for tenancy.

The Gas Safety (Installation and use) Regulations 1994:

By law all Landlords are responsible for making sure that appliances are maintained in good order and checked for safety at least every 12 months. We therefore recommend that Safety Certificates are issued by a Corgi registered engineer. Landlords are legally obliged to keep a record of the safety checks. We can arrange for this to be carried out on your behalf.

Contents and Assessing a Rental:

Properties can be let either furnished, unfurnished or part furnished - (it is purely a matter of convenience and the choice of the Landlord whether they wish to provide all or any furniture or equipment in the property). There are prospective tenants wishing to rent all types of property. Your rights as a Landlord to regain possession at the end of the term, under an Assured Shorthold Tenancy, are still the same.

Fully furnished properties usually have a complete range of contents, such as full kitchen appliances. There will be furniture in the Lounge, Dining room and bedrooms.

It is usual for unfurnished properties to have carpets and curtains throughout.


The amount of rent is determined not only by the size of the accommodation, but often the location of the property and the quality and extent of any furnishings, equipment and decor etc. At the time of our instruction, we will provide a rental assessment, based on our experience of rentals currently being achieved in the area in order to effect an early tenancy.

It is advisable to remove delicate and sentimental objects such as televisions, videos, radios, ornaments, pictures, glassware etc.

Cleanliness is an important factor when letting a property. If the Tenants are being asked to maintain a property in a clean state, it is essential that it is clean before the tenancy commences. Decor is not always as important as cleanliness, as a rental can be fixed to reflect the need for some modernisation or redecoration, but a Tenant could be deterred from taking a property which is not clean. We can offer the services of a reliable cleaning person on request, and also provide estimates for any works which the Landlord would like undertaken prior to letting.

Bank/Building Society Permission:

Where the property is the subject of a mortgage, permission may be required from the Mortgagees to let the property. We advise that you obtain the necessary consents at the earliest date, rather than applying for this when the Tenant has been found, as delays can be experienced.

In the case of Leasehold Properties, the Freeholders consent may be required. It is also advisable to obtain the consent of any Management Company.


These are required to be attached to the Tenancy Agreement, and it is extremely important that any Inventory makes a detailed note of the condition of every item and the decor. Landlords should provide this office with an Inventory, however an Inventory Preparation Service is available at your request. It is essential for us or a Landlord to be able to ensure that a property is kept in the same condition as when the tenancy commenced. An Inventory is also essential at the end of the tenancy, to avoid disputes when negotiating the cost of any dilapidation.

Services - Gas, Electricity, Telephone, Water etc:

The new Tenant is instructed by us to contact the above, and have the accounts and services transferred into their name. The Landlord should ensure that all final meter readings are taken before the tenancy commences and a termination account submitted. The Electricity Board requires a signature from each new customer. A Landlord wishing to return to a property, may be expected to sign a fresh Consumer's form.

Usually Tenants are responsible for payment of the Council Tax (Property Tax), although Landlords who are temporally letting property which is their main residence should check with the Council Tax Office as to any possible liability for payment.


Adequate Insurance cover of the structure of a property and its contents is the responsibility of the Landlord. It is advisable to inform any relevant insurance companies that you are intending to let the property. Landlords may find that their existing insurance cover is not adequate as a result of the letting. We are able to arrange Insurance Cover for Landlords at very competitive rates, with respected insurance companies. There are Insurance Policy's specifically geared to the needs of the Landlord. Full details are available on request.

Tenants are advised to arrange adequate insurance cover for their own possessions.


Landlords should seek professional advice from an Accountant or Financial Adviser with regard to Tax matters. We are able to put Landlords in touch with a qualified Tax Adviser.

Choosing your Agent:

We are proud that we have built ourselves an enviable reputation on the quality of professional service we offer both Landlord and Tenant.

We are able to serve legal notices to regain possession at the end of the tenancy. Our Full Management Service includes inspections of the property and the organising of the undertaking of repairs and dealing with any problems reported to us by the tenants.

Having been well established, we have a specialised in-depth knowledge of the local area. We are also able to negotiate the sale of a property through selected Estate Agents who can advise Landlords on current selling market conditions.

We are a Specialist Independent Letting Agency and all members of staff are specifically trained in and specialise in the Letting and Management of Property.

We look forward to a long and happy relationship.

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